Dear Parents/Carers,

In a move to improve home-school communication we will shortly be adopting a paperless approach when sending out letters and information to parents/carers.

With the growth in e-mail, smartphones and general home computer use, we have noticed this is the preferred method of communication for many parents/carers now. There are benefits for all parents/carers adopting this method of communication.

Communicating with home directly via email is far more reliable and far faster than depending on students to deliver letters and notices home. I am sure we have all found letters that are weeks old at the bottom of a school bag.

We are planning to go paperless commencing Monday 11th March 2019; at that point we will start emailing letters and notices home. Copies of each letter will also be available on this website.

It is vital that we have an updated e-mail address for the main child’s contact if we are to communicate with you effectively. In addition to the above, to enable the school to send out texts, we will be using your mobile phone number as our first point of contact. We ask that you supply a mobile number if we do not already have one.

Please complete the slip on the letter your child has brought home and return to school as soon as possible, or provide the requested information by emailing This letter is also available for download from our LETTERS section on this website.

The benefits as outlined above are undeniable, and we hope that you will join us in these efforts.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Harrap-Stanley

Acting Head of School

To be the best we can be

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