TILT School Advice COVID-19 - Tuesday 17th March.

This is to update further the information shared yesterday.

At the moment all TILT schools are open and offering a full education.

If, as parents, you have taken the decision to withdraw your child/ren from school to manage risk we will not be providing work and we will not be delivering it to home addresses as requested yesterday.

We are working hard preparing to ensure, that in the event of an enforced national school closure, we are able to offer work and learning via our individual school websites and using web based learning apps alongside the usual Passport to Learning Projects.

Please ensure you have supplied school with your CURRENT PHONE NUMBERS AND EMAIL ADDRESSES so that we are able to communicate with you in the event of a closure.

All TILT schools are continuing to work through a staged and sensible response to the outbreak. We are in Stage 3A: Mitigate/Delay. In addition to the measures already shared with you we are now also:

· Cancelling trips/visits to minimise contact with large groups, this will include swimming sessions

· Cancelling any event that will attract visitors in to school: workshops, coffee mornings etc.

· Limiting non-essential contractors who visit more than one school

We also need to make you aware that already we have experienced some difficulty in obtaining the right ingredients to continue to follow our set menus: as these instances arise we will adapt menus to ensure a suitable alternative can be offered.

As you are aware the situation is changing daily. We have a staged plan that will be implemented as necessary. Please keep an eye on our websites in order to stay in touch with our changing plans.

It is sensible at this stage to alert you to the fact that if significant staff shortages occur or indeed a severe outbreak in any school, regardless of the national position on school closure, it might prove necessary to close a school. We envisage this to be highly unlikely but it could happen.

The attendance advice shared yesterday has changed in line with the latest advice issued 16th March:

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this time of uncertainty.

To be the best we can be

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