The Island Learning Trust - Update Letter 17: 03.07.20

Dear All

As I am sure you are all aware the government have announced that schools will be opening fully in September to all year groups. Non-statutory guidance was published yesterday afternoon to guide schools in planning for a full return. If you wish to read the guidance in full, please follow the link below:

Whilst some parents will welcome the announcement, it will equally raise anxiety for others: certainly, either way, it will have raised questions for all.

Please bear with us, the guidance has only just been issued, and as a team we will take a careful and considered approach to unpicking it. In many areas, it is different from the guidance we are currently working with. In places, the guidance also appears contradictory and so, we will need to consider our approach carefully. As always, we will be guided entirely by what we feel the right thing for our children and families is, alongside the practicalities of provision, for instance: how do we plan for staggered starts when families will be dropping off several children from different classes/bubbles at the same time?

The senior team are reviewing the guidance and looking at how as a Trust we will manage the recommendations with regard to the planning, organising and teaching of the curriculum, assessment of learning needs, set up of classes, the daily routine: these are Trust level decisions. It is then clear that each school will need tailor made risk assessments to suit their individual circumstances: classes, buildings, site, context, just as was required for the partial reopening. The guidance clearly demonstrates that the wider rules applied in society will not be required in the school setting, we do need to state therefore that our risk assessments will mitigate but not remove risk entirely. In September, it will still not be ‘normal’ school routine but all children will be back every day.

We will endeavour to communicate our plans by the 17th July.

We hope that you and your loved ones are safe and well.

Kind regards

Debbie Wheeler

CEO The Island Learning Trust

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