The Island Learning Trust Update Letter 11: 17.04.20

I am writing in order to welcome you all to T5. I hope I am finding you safe, well and also feeling a little more acclimatised to the situation we are all in, a situation that is concerning on so many levels: despite this, I very much hope you managed to create some special family times over the Easter period in addition to enjoying some chocolate and the sunshine that arrived too!

As you are aware from the latest news reports that we are in lockdown and schools remain closed, we are anticipating this might stretch on until September.

As during T4 home learning will be provided throughout T5. This consists of:

  • Home learning packs- uploaded weekly via the website

  • Ongoing reading and AR quizzing, maths tasks via Mathletics or TT Rockstars

  • General home learning links are also available on our school websites

If you are unsure what you are being ask to do once you have reviewed a lesson/activity please do email and ask your child’s teacher.

It is important to reinforce that all home learning is optional. We absolutely recognise that every family is experiencing different stresses and strains, with a range of pulls on their time. We would much rather children and families were mentally and physically healthy and happy rather than battling on with learning because you feel you must. Please always prioritise wellbeing (your child’s and your own) do not feel you need to keep pace with the packs, or offer a full day of learning activities, nor access the many and varied websites on offer. Simply playing with your child is beneficial for their development: playing cards, board games, cooking/baking, gardening together, project work, reading together. Your child will not ‘miss out’ educationally; we will continue the curriculum where it stopped when we eventually return to full time education. If you can undertake some home learning that will be positive for your child, but it is not essential. If you can, share a book every day and if that is all you manage then we will understand.

We love seeing everything that you are sharing via email, including your fun activities: baking, PE etc.

From Monday 20th April the BBC will be launching BBC Bitesize Daily. More information can be found on the following link:

We also recommend Joe Wicks’ Daily workout at 9.00am everyday on YouTube and Sing with Alex (The Real Power of Music) on YouTube every day at 3pm – both are great for the family to join in with!

The latest guidance on school closures is available from the following link:

As previously shared, we are continuing to live in difficult and challenging times: we are all experiencing health, safety, financial worries. Operating in these circumstances is difficult and as such, we do need to hold on to the positives, dig deep, try to switch off from the newsfeed and focus on the aspects of our life we can control.

At times remaining calm, positive and functioning with a smile is as much as we can achieve… be kind to yourselves and do the best you can.

Home learning must not be the straw that breaks your back.

We are all doing our best as individuals, parents and families to manage as best we can.

Childcare for the children of front line key workers

Please could I ask you to continue to keep us up to date with your cover requirements by emailing the schools directly as shown: it is important we know requirements so that we are able to ensure the correct levels of supervision are available in school.

A brief reminder of our operating guidance for childcare:

  • Childcare is available from 8am-6pm at all TILT schools for children who need and are eligible for it on any weekday.

  • We will offer care through the May holiday period, including the bank holidays

  • Children should attend for the minimum time possible. Vulnerable children should only attend for normal school hours: 9- 3.20 pm

  • This is not be a ‘drop-in’ facility. Attendance will only be by advance arrangement.

  • A guiding principle is that the safety of the children is paramount. If we are unable to provide safe care for any child due to staff shortages, we will not cater for that child. This will apply to children who pose a risk to themselves/others: normal behaviour expectations apply.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all staff of The Island Learning Trust: I know just how lucky the children of The Island Learning Trust are: having a dedicated and committed team to rely on for support, community and of course learning. I am proud of my team and individually/collectively they have gone above and beyond to ensure we have kept pace with expectations and delivered all we could. Thank you to them all.

We value the support that you as parents and carers have offered to our staff during this crisis. We are extremely grateful to you for following the Government’s advice to keep your children at home wherever possible. We understand the additional pressures that this puts on your family. As ever, we thank you for kindness, cooperation and understanding.

Our whole community continues to be in held in our thoughts. We are missing seeing you all and we hope that you continue to keep yourselves and your loved ones well and safe.

Kind regards

Debbie Wheeler

CEO The Island Learning Trust

Please read, keep and reread as necessary

To be the best we can be

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