The Island Learning Trust Update Letter 10: 27.03.20

What a tricky, changeable, hard going couple of weeks we have all had! The current time we are all living in is unprecedented, surreal: I am sure that as the situation continues to unfold there will be ongoing and wide reaching effects that we have not yet considered let alone risk assessed. We are all doing our best as individuals, parents and families to manage as best we can.

We all are feeling vulnerable, isolated and out of our comfort zones….with this in mind my letter is really to say from all of our schools: leaders, teachers and all staff, thank you for bearing with us as advice from the government changed daily and so our messages to you and our action planning also had to change. Thank you all for going with the flow and staying strong for your children too. I am sure we all feel safer with our children at home now that schools are closed for the majority of children.

The larger part of my letter is to say whilst we are providing home learning packs and support at this point in time you, your child/ren might not be ready to be completing any: routines have been disrupted, children and adults alike are getting to grips with the current climate and will be worried. Please always prioritise wellbeing (your child’s, your own) do not feel you are expected to keep pace with the packs, or offer a full day of learning activities, nor access the many and varied websites on offer…. In the current situation, supporting your child with feeling safe is the priority. If you need support with this then please do look at the Family Tool Kit section HERE or email your child’s teacher HERE: we are committed to supporting you to support your child in all areas. In addition, try to enjoy having the time to have fun with your child too: playing cards, board games, cooking/baking, gardening together, project work, reading together.

Pick and choose when and what learning you chose to do, when you are ready. Establish a sensible routine with breaks and be guided by the notes on our website but if overwhelmed keep reading and the basics going…and do not feel concerned about the rest. Children will return to school and we will pick them up from wherever they are.

New packs will be posted weekly. If you are unsure what you are being ask to do once you have reviewed them please do email and ask: that’s why we have given email addresses, so do not feel unable to use them.

Please read and remember:

Childcare for the children of front line key worker

Please could I ask you to continue to keep us up to date with your cover requirements: using the original form or indeed by emailing the schools directly as shown: it is important we know requirements so that we are able to ensure the correct levels of supervision are available in school.

A brief reminder of our operating guidance for childcare:

  • Childcare is available from 8am-6pm at all TILT schools for children who need and are eligible for it on any given week day.

  • We will offer care through the Easter holiday period, including the bank holidays

  • Children should attend for the minimum time possible. Vulnerable children should only attend for normal school hours: 9- 3.20 pm

  • This is not be a ‘drop-in’ facility. Attendance will only be by advance arrangement or, in emergencies, with an agreement from the headteacher

  • A guiding principle will always be in place that the safety of the children is paramount, if we are unable to provide safe care for any child due to staff shortages, lack of expertise, we will not be able to cater for that child until we can make it safe to do so. This will apply to children who pose a risk to themselves and others: normal behaviour expectations will apply.

I would like to take this opportunity to also thank the staff of The Island Learning Trust: I do know just how lucky the children of The Island Learning Trust are: having a dedicated and committed team of staff to rely on for support, community and of course learning. I am proud of my team and individually/collectively they have gone above and beyond to ensure we have kept pace with expectations and delivered all we could. Thank you to them all.

We will emerge from this and need to keep our thoughts, minds focused. We are a community, and we will continue to pull together. We hope you all stay safe and well!

Kind regards

Debbie Wheeler

CEO The Island Learning Trust

To be the best we can be

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