School Uniform

School Uniform

It has come to my attention that sadly some children are coming into school wearing clothes and shoes that are not appropriate and definitely not suitable at Sunny Bank Primary school. I really must emphasise that Jeans and Trainers MUST not be worn.

The only time uniform is not to be worn is on a Non-School uniform day, and we will always inform parents/carers in advance of these days.

Please see below the correct uniform that all children should wear at Sunny Bank Primary School.

General Uniform (All year groups including Nursery)

  • Navy blue sweatshirt or cardigan with school logo

  • White shirt/blouse or white polo shirt (logo optional)

  • Grey or black ankle length trousers (not ¾ length or pedal pushers)

  • Grey or black skirt (knee length) or pinafore dress.

  • With skirts or dresses: white ankle socks or grey/black tights in winter

  • With trousers or shorts: dark plain socks.

  • Low-heeled black leather shoes (flat black boots to be worn inside trousers, winter only)

Summer Uniform (All year groups including Nursery)

  • Navy blue and white checked or striped dress

  • Grey or black tailored shorts (not sports shorts)

Navy or black sandals may be worn but they must have enclosed toes and heels. No sling-backs or flip-flops.

For PE (Years R-6)

  • Plain white t-shirt

  • Plain navy or black shorts

  • Black plimsolls or trainers (trainers are required in winter for Years 3-6)

All PE kit is to be kept in a PE bag. For Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 please use school logo bag or a bag no larger than 35 x 38cm due to space limitations.

I would also like to remind parent/carers that the only earrings that may be worn are one small stud in each ear, and these must either not be worn or removed by the pupil on PE days. No other jewellery is to be worn.

No nail varnish.

No beaded hair braids or extreme hair colours/styles are allowed. Long hair must be tied back.

For Art (Years 3-6)

Please provide an apron or adult’s old shirt.

Accessories and Optional items

  • Book bag, available from school office.

  • PE Bag, available from school office.

  • We also have a small amount of stock of the following items:

  • Navy blue Sweatshirt with logo.

  • Navy blue Cardigan with logo

All uniform is available online from Mapac

Please ensure that all your child’s uniform and possessions are clearly labelled with their name.

Yours sincerely

Mrs C Harrap-Stanley

Acting Head of School

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