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Here at Kent County Council Bikeability Team we hope you are all keeping well during these uncertain times. Even though we are unable to deliver Bikeability training at the moment, we are keen to keep your pupils’ enthusiasm in cycling active. Therefore, we would encourage you to pass on the following links to your pupils, particularly those who have missed out on Bikeability training whilst the schools are closed.

We hope to reconnect with you in the near future and continue to offer your children the opportunity to get active, learn new skills, gain confidence and, above all, enjoy cycling.

Thank you and stay well😊

Safer Cycling tips April 2020.

Cycling is a great mode of transport for essential journeys and/or taking exercise. However the government measures to prevent the spread of Coronavirus make it clear that cyclists need to practice social distancing. i.e. You should only ride alone or with people from the same household.

Plan your journey in advance and advise someone of where you are going and when you intend to return, especially if you are cycling in a remote location.

Consider riding routes with dedicated cycle paths to ensure the safety of young children and pedestrians.

Ensure that your bicycle is roadworthy. If it has been unused for a while, ensure that the mechanisms such as brakes and gears are working and that tyres are pumped up before starting any ride. Brake failure can cause a serious collision.

Always wear a Cycle helmet regardless of where you are cycling.

Wear bright colours to help other road users to see you.

If you are riding with a face mask, ensure that this does not restrict your head movement and that you are able to look around freely without restriction, so that safety checks can be carried out.

Think about your positioning in the road and whether you can be seen by other road users.

Whilst not appropriate on every road / situation, positioning yourself towards the centre of the lane, as opposed to close to the kerb, maximizes your line of vision and means that other road users have a clear view of you.

If you are riding as a family with young children, consider keeping the children in front of you so that you have sight of them without turning round.

If you’re riding with your family, help motorists overtake you with the safe distance of at least 1.5 metres, by not riding more than two abreast.

Effectively communicate with other road users, by using hand signals when turning left or right. Try to make eye contact with other road users and pedestrians to ensure that they have seen you.

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