REMINDER - Year 6 Leavers - let's create a video!

We can't let July pass without creating something special for our fabulous Year 6 children!

Mr B here and I would like to create a video compilation of messages from Year 6 before they embark on their new adventures. Then on the official last day of term I would like to premiere the video on here and on our Facebook page (via YouTube) to officially mark the end of their time at Sunny Bank.

Parents this is what I need from you:

Please video your child for a minute or two using your phone (preferably holding the phone in landscape / sideways position). They can be saying goodbye to friends, teachers, TA's or even the foxes! They can be talking about their favourite memories, remembering their first day, what they are going to miss about Sunny Bank or what they are looking forward to as they look ahead to secondary school. They can even just wave to the camera if feeling a bit shy...

In other words just about anything!

Once filmed, please email the video to me at

We still plan to give them a proper send off once we all return to normal but this will be a great opportunity to celebrate our wonderful children during the official last day of school.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me on the above email and I look forward to hearing from you.

Mr B X

To be the best we can be

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