Potter Class Newsletter - Term 5


This term we will be learning about why Earth is such a special planet as it is the only planet where plants and animals are found. Our new topic is called ‘Why do Ladybirds have spots?’, it covers animals and their young as well as the life cycle of a butterfly. During the topic we will also be talking about where different animals live.

Please continue to encourage your child to bring any information that is relevant to our topic to school as we love sharing this with the rest of the class.

Topic words

Our focused words for this term are: adult, young, baby, big, small, grow, change, life cycle, habitat

Sun protection

Now that the weather is getting warmer, please can you ensure that if you send in a sun hat, that this is clearly labelled.

Literacy and Numeracy

This term we will be continuing to develop the children’s ability to recognise and use letter sounds for reading and writing. We have taught all letter sounds (phonemes) for the 26 letters of the alphabet and have also introduced letters that, when found together, make a new phoneme e.g. ch (church), sh (shop), ee (feet), oa (boat), igh (night).

You can support your child at home by:

Continuing to play games identifying the beginning, middle and end sounds in short words e.g. cat, fin, pen, dog, coat, toad, meet, light, shop.

Playing word bingo or snap games

Encouraging your child to write by making lists or writing cards or letters to friends and family.

Over the term, we will be continuing to work on counting, number recognition and ordering numbers to 20. Alongside this, we will be working on sharing objects into equal groups, simple addition including doubles and counting on, as well as subtraction, halving and counting back.

You can support your child at home by:

Counting forwards and backwards to 20, starting at different numbers e.g. from 6

Asking your child what’s one more or one less than a number

Playing counting games

Playing numeracy games on the computer. Cbeebies has lots of good games.

Playing subtraction games e.g. giving your child 6 oranges and asking them to take 2 away. How many are left?


Our PE days are Monday and Thursday. Please ensure that your child has shorts, a T-shirt and plimsolls and that all of these items are clearly labelled as this helps when children are changing. Also, if your child wear earrings these need to be removed before school on PE days.

To be the best we can be

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