Outdoor Fun with Green Bubble!

We have had lots of outdoor fun this week in green bubble. The children were super sensible and remembered the importance of social distancing and still managed to work as a team collecting branches to create a teepee structure around a tree trunk.

We also created a rope swing using old skipping ropes (pre cleaned) and a thick piece of branch we found on the ground.  Lots of fun was had on the swing and we took it in turns to have a go and grew in confidence when swinging in the tree.

Mr Waters and Miss Baird couldn’t resist having a go too.

Mrs Lougheed also created a fire pit area, ready for a special celebration at the end of the week. Green bubble looked forward to toasting marshmallows on the fire and having a go at some campfire cooking. We made campfire chocolate bananas, and each member of green bubble had their own paper bag with the things they would need to make their delicious campfire snack.

Maria Lougheed

Learning Mentor

Wellbeing Team

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