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Pupils in Baird, Brunel and Elgar had a King Arthur and the Knights Of the Round Table Day as part of their Myths and Legends Literacy theme. Children in Years 1&2 have enjoyed their superheroes topic. Classes have taken part in superhero tasks throughout the term and have used their super powers to progress in their learning.


Mrs Coleman has reported to the office that children are crossing on the corner rather than walking down to use the crossing. Please ensure that you use the Road Crossing Patrol.


There are spaces are available for our Breakfast Club, which runs Monday to Friday 8am to 8.50am at a cost of £2.00 per day

Please advise in advance and complete a Registration Form available at Reception.

The children are given a choice of breakfast cereals or toast and a selection of drinks.

After breakfast they play a variety of games before being taken to class at the start of the school day.


If your child is going to be late or absent from school,, please telephone the school office before 9:00am to advise accordingly. You can now text us with your child’s absence on 07801305292 before 9:30 on the day of absence and there after until their return to school. Please remember to put their name and class, followed by the reason for absence and your name and relationship to child. This does not mean that the absence will be authorised and a phone call may still be made the school to check on your child’s welfare.

School starts promptly in the morning and lateness has an adverse effect on a pupil’s learning, please ensure that your child attends school on time every day. If your child is late, please accompany them into school as the reason for the lateness needs to be recorded in the register and your child needs to be signed in by a parent. After 8:55, your child will be recorded as Late. After 9:20am lateness is recorded as unauthorised absence for the morning and 10 unauthorised absences may result in a Penalty Notice. Please remember that the gate closes at 8.50am (SB site) and 8:55 (CR site) .

Attendance incentives

Punctuality Penguin – The punctuality penguin will be awarded to the class that has the greatest weekly punctuality (least number of children arriving in to school late).

End of year prize – Each child that obtains 100% weekly attendance will have their name entered into the attendance prize draw at the end of the school year.

Celebration assembly – The class with the highest weekly attendance will be able to sit on benches during the celebration assembly!


If your child wishes to have school dinners this will be for the whole week, no mix and match days. However, if after a week’s trial they wish to change to pack lunch please ask your child to inform their class teacher .

ALL dinner money must be paid on a Monday morning for the week .

The charge for school dinners is £11.50 per week. The school is responsible for any debt and therefore we are unable to allow debts to accumulate, if you have not paid on Monday morning when Principal’s Cash Collector checks the registers you will be contacted by Principal’s and the school office and asked to bring in a packed lunch for the whole week.


Please ensure that you are registered with Parentmail in order to make your appointments for parent’s evenings. If your child is registered under a previous school, you will need to cancel this and re-register.

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