National Sports Week

There are a number of alternative activities you can take part in to boost your Rounders skills; bowling, catching, batting and general hand/ eye co-ordination.  You can make the challenges harder or easier dependent on your skill level. Repetition of the challenges will help you get better and develop your physical literacy skills.

COMPETITION In conjunction with National School Sport Week you can win yourself a Rounders Bat & Ball Pack. Five activities are detailed below. You can complete one per day or if you are feeling up to it, you can complete them all in one day.

Winners with the highest overall scores will be chosen within each age category: KS1 – 1 x winner (ages 4-7yrs) KS2 – 1 x winner (ages 7-11yrs) KS3 & 4 – 1 x winner (aged 11yrs+)

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