Mrs M Tuft Kipling Class Newsletter Term 2

Literacy and Numeracy

This term we will be building on the children’s understanding of books including encouraging them to retell stories using the language pattern of the book. We will also be talking about the characters in stories, where the story takes place and the sequence of events in the story. Alongside this we will be working on the children’s phonics skills. You can support them with their phonics at home by:

• Looking for letters around you e.g. on road signs, cereal boxes etc

• Talking about the initial sound in words, please use the sound of the letter and not the name e.g. ‘a’ as in apple not ‘a’ as in apron.

• Discuss words that start with the sounds s, a, t, p, n ,i m, d, g, o, c, k, e, u, r, b, f, l

• Playing games such as ‘I spy ..’

Please continue to share your child’s reading book with them each day and always return it to school. Remember to make a comment to show that you have read with them.

To support your child develop the fine motor skills needed for handwriting you could encourage them to thread penne pasta or beads onto string, ask them to pick up dried peas or small beads, play finger rhymes with them or invite them to complete a sewing card.

In numeracy we will be working on recognising and naming 2D and 3D shapes, exploring the capacity of different sized and shaped containers as well as working towards counting and number recognition to 10 and then to 20. You can support your child at home by:

  • Working on your child’s numeracy target.

  • Counting everyday objects e.g. How many apples /bananas in the fruit bowl? How many pieces of fruit altogether? How many if I had one more/less? Matching numerals to the amount counted. Counting out objects when shopping e.g. “Can you get me 8 bananas please?”

  • Encouraging your child to count when skipping or jumping.

  • Playing board or number games e.g. snap or by asking your child to put numbers in order and then you take one away and asking them ‘What number is missing?

Our topic this term is ‘Kipper’s Toybox’. This topic encourages children to think about the different types of toys they play with as well as toys children played with in the past. Please talk to your child about their toys and the toys you and their grandparents played with. This helps them to build up an understanding of the past and to make comparisons.

We will also be looking at how toys move including jointed, battery operated and wind up toys.

As the term progresses we will be thinking about why we celebrate Christmas as well as learning about the first Christmas.

We will be inviting you to watch our Christmas performance, which we will let you know about nearer the time.


Thank you to all those parents who have taken the time to input examples of their child’s learning onto Tapestry. We always enjoy reading these and sharing the information with the rest of the class. If you have not signed up yet and would like to, please speak to me.


Our PE day are Monday and Friday. Please ensure that your child has shorts, a T-shirt and plimsolls and that all of these items are clearly labelled as this helps when children are changing. Also, if your child wear earrings these need to be removed before school on PE days.

To be the best we can be

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