Kipling Newsletter - Term 4


In literacy this term we will be looking at both fiction and non-fiction texts related to our topic work.

You can support your child by:

- Reading with your child every day.

- Visiting the local library and finding information books about transport.

- Helping your child to use the contents and index pages to locate information in a non-fiction book

- Using the internet to research information

- Making your own fact sheet about the things you have found out, we would love to be able to share these at school

- Looking at maps and talking to your child about the features on these

- Supporting your child as they attempt to read new words, encouraging them have a go at blending words using the sounds of letters e.g. light, road, car

- Helping them spell simple words such as: no, go, the, to, into

In Numeracy we are continuing to develop the children’s skills in counting as well as many aspects of shape, space and measure including capacity, length, weight and time

You can support your child by:

• Letting them weight out ingredients when you cook together

• Measuring objects around the house

• Helping your child to read o’clock times

• Letting them time themselves getting dressed or tidying up using a stop watch.


Thank you for sharing information about your child’s learning outside of school. Please continue to add to your child’s Learning Journal we love reading your comments.


I’m sure that you have all noticed the improvements we have made to the outside area. We would like to thank the school for supporting us to improve this area and also particularly to thank Mr Miles for all the resources he has made for us free of charge. We are looking forward to adding even more new and exciting additional resources in the next few weeks.


We have begun this term with a mini topic linked to the text ‘The Gingerbread Man’. As part of this topic we will be encouraging the children to think about different environments and what you find in them e.g. fields in the country and houses, shops and parks in towns.

Once we have finished this work we will move into our main topic for the term, ‘Are we there yet’ which is linked to travel and transport.

On your way to and from school you could help your child by pointing out features such as roads, paths, shops, parks, churches, street lights etc. You could also talk about the names of different vehicles and discuss which vehicle are better in different places e.g. a dessert or rain forest.

To be the best we can be

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