Joy of Movement Festival - take part THIS FRIDAY!

A message from Mr Waters!

We are delighted to share with you HERE the Joy of Moving Home School Festival booklet – all the games and activities are in the booklet for the children to easily follow for an afternoon full of fun. There are different option for individual games, two or more players games so children will have some freedom to choice at these points. The booklet can be opened on a laptop, phone or iPad.

There are over a thousand schools taking part in this exciting festival all over the country next week and there is a competition element to the Home School Festival which offers children the opportunity to win a prize of kit and equipment for their school. It explains more in the booklet and is around encouraging families & schools to share their Joy of Moving activities on social media using the follow tags @CAFCTrust @EFLTrust #JOMHomeFestival

To be the best we can be

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