Introduction of ‘Bubble’ provision

Dear Parents, Carers and Families of Sunny Bank,

As you know Sunny Bank Primary School has been providing childcare provision for the children of keyworkers and vulnerable families since March. All other year groups have had Home Learning packs prepared weekly and shared on the school website along with a variety of other activities and with teachers keeping in touch via Class Dojo.

All of this will continue, however the school have been working hard to ensure that social distancing guidelines are in place ready to welcome back some of our Year 5 pupils next week.

We have had to complete a thorough Risk Assessment (a copy can be viewed on the website) and parents of children attending have been written to directly with specific details relating to the location, drop off and pick up of their child(ren).

We will be operating three bubbles next week which will need to follow stricter and more robust guidelines to ensure that the risk of infection is reduced:

Ø Year 5 – Red bubble (based in Kestrel Class)

Ø Keyworker/Vulnerable pupil – Blue bubble (based in Nursery)

Ø Keyworker/Vulnerable pupil – Green bubble (based in Foxes)

As a school we have been able to show flexibility with regards to changes in days and timings of the childcare provision. This will remain a priority due to the busy lives and different routines that may be needed on a day-to-day basis, however needs to be planned more rigorously to ensure that there are adequate staff organised to maintain the safety and security of the bubbles at all times.

We have amended our behaviour policy to ensure that the expectations for behaviour within each bubble are understood (a copy of this is also on the website).

We are very aware that there is still great anxiety over education and children returning to school and many parents are not going to agree with this until they feel that it is safe to do so. Due to the social distancing within classrooms, each bubble can only accommodate 8 children and there is no movement or interaction between bubbles.

Schools must have 10 days notice of a child returning to school (for example, if eligible, and your child wishes to return on Monday 29th June, we would need this confirmed by Friday 19th June).

The well-being of our whole community, and particularly our children, is at the heart of every single decision taken during this strange and unpredictable time.

Please could I ask you to email me directly on if you have any further questions regarding this. I do need to reiterate that no family or child will be penalised for non-attendance during the rest of this term.

Mr D Waters

Head of School

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