COVID-19 School update

I would just like to thank everyone for their ongoing support and patience this week. With daily updates from government and the constant wait to see whether decisions will affect the running of the school, it has been a challenging job to try and maintain a level of normality for our pupils.

Everyone has pulled together to support each other in assessing the risks, both as individual families and also as a whole school and I am confident that until we are notified that schools will be closing across the country, Sunny Bank will remain open for pupils to attend if they are well enough.

The Island Learning Trust are providing robust risk assessments for both staff and pupils in line with National guidance and this has supported the school in continuing to operate in a calm and sensible manner taking every precaution to protect all members of our community.

Unfortunately, I received a call from my son’s school yesterday informing me that he had a high temperature and was being sent home. In line with our own risk assessment this means that I have to self-isolate my family for a period of 14 days and so am unable to physically be at school.

I will be in close contact with staff and will still be involved in ensuring that the correct support and decisions will be made should further developments occur.

TILT will also be providing additional leadership support during my absence.

We are busy planning and resourcing so that in the event of a school closure pupils will have some prepared learning to complete at home.

Your child’s interim report will be sent home with them on Friday. This will provide key information, but also will contain targets that can be worked on over the break in reading, writing and maths.

Please ensure that you are keeping yourself and your families safe in this difficult time.

Yours Sincerely

Mr Waters

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