Accelerated Reader

As you are aware, the expectations of reading have changed this year since the introduction of Accelerated Reader in September. All books sent home will have a specific level which has been set by your child’s class teacher. Once they have passed three books, they will be moved up to the next level. AR books are all in levelled order in the school library. Your child needs to achieve at least 80% to pass the quiz. If they achieve 60-70%, the quiz will be deleted and they will need to re-test on the same book. Any book quiz taken with an outcome of less than 60% will be changed and a new book chosen.

Every child is expected to pass one AR quiz a week minimum which is paramount for their learning.

Even though we encourage children to explore a wide variety of texts, they will need to complete a quiz on the AR text set at their level. This is a non-negotiable expectation of the school and if this expectation is not met, there will be opportunities to complete their tasks during break and lunch times. We understand that we all lead busy lives; however it is paramount for your child’s development and learning needs.

We would just like to reiterate that the above is NOT an option but an expectation of the school and your child will be asked to complete their reading during the school day if they are not carried out at home.

If you have any queries, then please speak to your class teacher.

Kind regards

Darren Waters

Head of School

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