Mrs Dadd


We find ourselves in unprecedented times and we urge you to look after yourselves and each other and we look forward to seeing you back at school soon.


In order to support your child’s home learning whilst our nursery is closed.  At  school, your child participates in play based activities. These are kept to short periods of time (no more than 5 – 10 minutes). I as you know am updating Class dojo for ideas and videos. 


In addition to this:

  • Your child has a home reading books.  Reading should be a pleasurable experience, so please share any books they enjoy with them. Talk about what is happening in the story and encourage your child to ask and answer questions about what they have read. Please continue to write in their yellow reading records.

  • In Nursery children learn through play and in the home learning packs you will find example of play-based activities you could do at home. For example, if they made a model from Lego encourage your child to talk about what they have made and how they can add to it to make it better.  Let your child do this independently.  The activity is for your child not you.   Remember Play is vital to children’s learning: ensure children have a variety of activities. Spend time talking, playing games, reading books and singing songs. 

  • Do some form of physical activity daily such Jo Wickes daily live P.E lessons, play in the garden or dance to your favourite songs. Playing with playdough, threading and building with Lego can help strengthen the muscles in your child’s hands and their fine motor development.

  • Children like routine and to be helpful, give them little things to do such as making their bed every day, tidy away toys they have played with or help pair up socks.


Please use these suggested websites where you can access further learning opportunities to enjoy and support your child to access other websites they may enjoy.


To be the best we can be

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