FAQ: How Many Hours Does A Primary School Teacher Work?

What hours do primary school teachers work?

primary school teachers work between 47 and 49 hours a week “without any substantial change to this figure” the average hours of secondary school teachers “sits between 46 and 48 hours per week” and has remained “broadly stable” a quarter of teachers work more than 59 hours a week. 10% work over 65 hours per week.

How many hours a day do teachers work?

Full-time teachers worked nearly 3 more hours per day than part-time teachers. On average for all days of the week, full-time teachers worked 5.6 hours per day and part-time teachers worked 2.8 hours per day.

How many hours does a teacher teach?

Teaching hours are a minority of a teachers ‘ workload, according to this survey. A primary school teacher will spend on average 19 hours a week of timetabled teaching. It’s similar for secondary school classroom teachers, averaging 19.6 hours.

How many days does a primary school teacher work?

Full-time teachers are required to be available for work on 195 days per year, of which at least 5 are non- teaching days. These 5 days must also be accounted for within the 1265 hours. Some teachers will be in receipt of Teaching Allowances or Special Educational Needs Allowances for specific duties.

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Is it worth becoming a primary school teacher?

It really is a full time job in every sense. Being a teacher also inevitably means that you’ll pay more for your own summer break as trips abroad are always more expensive during the school holidays. There are also lots of opportunities for career progression, job security is good and you get the chance to travel.

What are the disadvantages of being a teacher?


  • The teacher is always ‘on’.
  • Teachers may find it difficult to take notes for correction without distracting the student.
  • There are a limited range of activities, which can be a bit monotonous for the teacher and student.
  • We might feel bad about doing reading and writing.

Do teachers work 8 hours a day?

Every school is different, but for the most part, teachers are in the classroom for about six hours a day. To compare these hours with a private sector job, these 1,170 hours in a classroom are roughly about 29 working weeks for a typical 40- hour -a-week job. But wait! There’s more!

Do teachers get weekends off?

Generally, schools are closed on Weekends, holidays, and so on, but that doesn’t mean that the teachers sit at home and sip Tropical drinks with Umbrellas in them. Teachers must take at least 150 hours every 5 years to keep their credentials in California.

Do teachers get the summer off?

Summary. No, teachers do not get paid in the summer. They may receive pay for work done during the school year, but they do not have an extended multi-month vacation period. In fact, many teachers are required to get second jobs for at least a portion of that break.

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What teachers do all day?

Prepare lessons. Create assessments such as quizzes, tests and other assignments. Grade assessments. Take long vacations.

How many classes do teachers teach per day?

The average American middle or high school teacher has five class periods a day of a six-period day, 30-period teaching week. If the school has more daily periods, adjust accordingly.

How many weeks does a teacher work?

With about 25 weeks to teach, it’s no surprise that teachers are always working overtime. Learning how to make the most of that short amount of time will lead to your own, and your students’ success.

Do primary school teachers get paid in the summer?

You will not be paid over the summer. However, 12% will be removed from the current hourly casual and non-casual rates. This represents the teachers ‘ statutory annual leave entitlement of 4 weeks per year. The teacher will accumulate statutory annual leave to the value of 12% of time worked.

What lunch break are teachers entitled to?

Teachers are entitled to a daily break of a reasonable length either between school sessions or between the hours of 12 noon and 2.00pm. This provision is found in paragraph 52.3 of the School Teachers ‘ Pay and Conditions Document.

What does a primary school teacher earn?

The average salary for Primary School Teacher jobs in London is £42,500.

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